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My Campaign

After not receiving the right help, and being mistreated by the health service and others for years, I tried to resolve the situation myself, from at least 1996. You can find out more about what led it to where we are now at the bottom of this page, and via the Law Society email below. But it really gathered momentum and purpose in 2008 when I began to campaign as an individual to the Government and other Members of Parliament, and wasn't surprised at their failure, and for it to confirm, what we are up against. If what happened to me, wont happen to you, it might be someone you know. But I'd like to think you care anyway. How we treat the most vulnerable, tells us what kind of society we have. Thats why I, with others, are so worried. On the Documents page along with the Wont help himself?, Illness and Statement pages, their is more detail on what happened.

Letter wrote to The Prime Minister April 2008 and copied to others


We have waged war on terrorism. There has been the war on drugs. We?ve had zero tolerance. Is the day going to come when you publicly tell us of The war on the ABUSE of children? When you stand up as you have for the war on terrorism. The children of the world are not only our future THEY ARE THE FUTURE. If we lose the war for the children. We lose a future for a better world. Whether terrorism, drugs, abuse or any subject you could care to mention. Someone once said ?he didn?t see the sense in winning a battle to go on to lose the war.? I believe that is what we are doing as a people as a society. Could you not publicly tell us ?you wage war on the abuse of children?? And put the resources somewhere close to that which has been spent on the war on drugs or terrorism. Because all the other battles just as well be on the outside. There is something rotting at the core and the longer it is this way all the patching will not make a difference all the words or money will not. When the core the foundation to life itself THE CHILDREN has been eroded and overlooked compared to other policies home and abroad. We will only ever win battles but never win the war on behalf of JUSTICE, DECENCY and even HUMANITY itself. while the rights of the Abusers come before the rights of the Abused. ONLY THEY EVER WIN. While there is not enough of a network properly funded by government. It is more than we the abused slip through the net. The net was not there before during but worse still after. I speak from my experience and that which I have seen and heard of others. Until it is not mostly left to charitable organisations to fill a gap I believe the government this one and those before have left wide open and not filled. We the abused we the people we the lost children deserve better from the ones in power. I have met countless ones who battle to get counselling specifically for sexual abuse. And come up against disgusting attitudes and opinions from within the system and inept points of view. Only made bearable by the Samaritans and other well meaning caring people. Who unfortunately should have more power and money to do what they want because we know they would if they could. And not only what can be afforded. Compassion doesn?t cost money, just the will to give it. Lack of help because of expense? I would say to them maybe we have cost the system but it will never come close to what it has, does and will cost us. Something of many things that no money can purchase. The lack of these things is what costs us all the most and society as a whole in ways that cannot ever be truly calculated but to know there is a cost for us all and it will not be just in the present but obviously in the future too. And if it is cost in money then more funding is needed. If it was given out of need then would we not have it automatically? The abusers didn?t give up all their rights when they abused us. But they gave up a right to have rights that come before the right of the innocent those that have been abused and those that haven?t. Yes they must be protected but not to the detriment of the vulnerable. And not to the detriment or risk to OUR basic human rights of protection from being abused or being abused again. The length of sentences of abusers is sickening. And it?s a rape and abuse of us and society in itself. Justice? Confidentiality that only protects them? Unfortunately its worse too many times it serves them (oh too well). OUR rights are overlooked by them and others. It?s time for OUR rights to come before theirs. THEY chose to Abuse THEIR RIGHTS they had when THEY ABUSED US. Don?t let us pay for it again or worse still more children. The balance needs to be shifted the other way. So it can serve us (in the way it should) as well as it has served them (in a way it never should have). Controlling or overseeing is what they need. It is us the abused and the innocent that need protecting from them. Not them from us. Something some seem to forget in a way that we never will.


Yours sincerely 


J R Harrison.


      (The letter above has had the spelling corrected from the original version sent)



Well after writing to the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown (April 2008) with my letter entitled simply "PM" (which I originally wrote when Tony Blair was still Prime Minister but I was not able to complete and send it). It was still as relevant when he became Prime Minister as now so I sent it to him. It was also copied to David Cameron of The Conservatives, Nick Clegg of The Liberal Democrats (who became Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister), Alex Salmond of The SNP, Ieuan Win Jones of Plaid Cymru, Ian Paisley of The Democrat Unionist Party, Sylvia Harmon of The Ulster Unionist Party and Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein.

Sadly only three replied, at the time. Sylvia Harmon - A Postcard reply acknowledging receipt of my letter, someone representing the Scottish Government and Someone representing the Prime Minister, the Departments... for Children, Schools and Family.

I wanted a proper response to all the issues involved and more, as I and others feel rightfully strongly about. And so by the end of 2008 I again wrote to the Prime Minister also forwarding it on to David Cameron and Nick Clegg. I got an initial response that my letter had been received by No.10. but no reply followed. David Cameron and Nick Clegg yet again failed to respond at all. This clearly is not good enough. The letter I talk about here you will see on The Campaign in 2009 page. This is because I sent it five times in 2009.

What led to the Campaign?

Actually its quite simple. Its not good enough. We are Ignored, neglected, and our rights are undermined. Our rights come most of the time, if at all. I spent over a Decade trying to have it put right. To have it changed. With no success. I tried and was failed by so many well known organisations and charities. In the end I had no one (if I started out with anyone at all). The system is stacked up against YOU the vulnerable person, the innocent person. Do we bow down and take it all our lives? or do we at least say: OK maybe this is all I will ever receive. But its not right. And at the very least, I will do all I can to expose this to others. It maybe all we can do, but know this: Oh they fear it. Many times we might not be able to get people to see the real truth, yes I know, but that’s not a reason to not try. Like anything the more of us there are the more chance we have. The more likely it is we can one day make a difference in a profound way. I say that because we already make a difference to each other.

More Details

2004 was a significant year I tried directly contacting one of the NHS trusts involved, through myself and two other Independent Complaints organisations. I Also spoke directly to (The Chief Executive at the time) of the same trust involved. I also wrote to them saying:

"I will clarify my deep concerns of the inaction and little notice taken of the serious issues involved (i.e. child abuse) and the consequences that have arisen".

This went on for a few years. The Trust and the Chief Executive had to respond a couple of times. The first response they gave, was acknowledged not good enough, after I complained using another two organisations. But yet again I had been failed, even by the complaints procedure through an Independent Organisation. I reiterated this to all involved in the years to come. One well known Independent Complaints Organisation took my case twice. They failed me, and I told them so in 2009. They said they would Investigate guess what? They said they looked into it and that they deny that they failed me. This was all mainly between 2004 - 2006. In 2007 nothing much in moving forward happened. But 2008 was a big year for me really. I pretty much said to myself its all I have. I cant live with not doing nothing about it. No matter what doing something about it does to me, I have no choice. I have to do everything I can to not just do as I have always done. But to try and stay strong to continuously and relentlessly campaign write letters and so on. And even though I am too ill to work, and to be honest too ill to be having to do all this, I've got to. And I must not let cost get in the way. An example being, getting my medical records (via the Data Protection Act), which cost me on  three occasions, as I describe below. Also when sending mail recorded delivery e.t.c. its all money.

So 2008 as for campaigning was the most significant year, so far at that time. At the start I tried doing the complaints process one more time through an Independent Organisation. OK it failed. In 2008 I also under Subject Access / Data Protection Act 1998 enquired, paid for and received information from The Police (showing I had NO CRIMINAL RECORD) at a cost of £10. Also under the same act I obtained My Medical Records via my new (at the time) GP Surgery at a cost of £50. I also under the same act I obtained My Medical Records from my local CMHT again at a cost of £50. Not only did this back up what I have said all these years. I was horrified by the type of things insinuated and said about me, behind my back and with no basis in fact. In fact it shows how vulnerable I was, and am. And it also showed that they used their opinions on my condition and my Mental Health Issues to discriminate against me and deny me proper care. I also sent a lot of request's for help, even begging for help to solicitors and legal representatives including two Barristers and one very well known one. Again with no success. Apart from to show how the vulnerable are so little protected. Even getting access initially is difficult, let alone have a solicitor review your case. I contacted many directly involved in what happened and was happening to me, as of the beginning of 2009. I’m sorry but many just seem ignorant to it all. Cold or they are just really smug because they unlike you are so over protected at your cost, and they know this. And they know until major changes are brought about it will continue to be the same. But then isn’t that what we all strive and campaign to change? I say we because I am not alone in believing and knowing what I know to be the truth. There are others out there, we hear of each other sometimes. Try and give each other moral support as we wage on and on.

to be continued...

email I sent to the law society in 2009 & others before.

Content of an email I sent to the law society (and others) in February 2009, which names all the organisations I went through to make people accountable. I think I need to make it clearer than I have here. My aim was accountability. I want Vulnerable people to get the right help. And to be treated right. And for those that don't do this. For them to be brought to account for it. I also need to make it much clearer that, it didn't start only because I was not helped or treated right, I complained about others to. There is a mention of this by the Doctors (which is on my medical records) about that here on this website. Below is the main content of the email:

Sent to The Law Society as well as other Solicitors before.

First let me explain how I have come to be writing to you in the first place. I went to Shentons solicitors in Winchester and saw a solicitor for advice in 2004 and that solicitor explained at the time that if I needed to pursue my case down a legal route against the Party or Parties their practice did not have a clinical negligence franchise. I asked for such a solicitors (for future reference) and they gave me a solicitors details who I tried to contact recently but they no longer exist I have tried to find a practice that may cover the issues e.t.c. involved in my case. And so I got another solicitors details Parker Bullen they could not help because of no franchise in my circumstances. But a member of staff previously worked for another solicitors and she referred me to them. But again they were unable to help. I contacted Community Legal Advice and then The Law Society who gave me three Solicitors to try. None could help. So I am sending this letter to you. Anyway so here goes with some general background so far:-

I am 38 years old and I have Mental Health problems I was Abused as a Child (which I find out five years ago). I had my own Business but I have been unable to work since November 1999 when my health deteriorated significantly. I have been in receipt of Incapacity Benefit since then. I have NO CRIMINAL RECORD. I am in dispute with the NHS and others including The Hampshire Partnership NHS Trust regarding the provision of healthcare that has been provided, that which has not been provided and why this is. I have made people aware from the start of my concerns for over 10 years now. At the time verbally since 1996 with those involved and subsequently in writing in the years since. Which is all on record.

In that time I have brought my concerns to the attention of Charitable Organizations such as:- Andover CAB, Andover MIND, The Dale Trust (now closed), The Samaritans. I have also made Organizations such as:- NHS direct, PALS, ICAS, The Healthcare Commission aware and have had brief enquiries to The Parliamentary and Health service Ombudsman. Also in a reply from someone representing the Prime Minister (about many issues) I also briefly disclosed a couple of my concerns. Due to four stays at Melbury lodge Psychiatric Hospital staff there have been made aware of my situation. And because of problems with those involved such as Andover CMHT. Winchester Mental Health and later Romsey Mental Health have also been made aware of my situation. And Dr Black who provided private healthcare in 1998 a clinical Psychologist from chandlers ford (originally).

I spoke to a solicitor on one occasion in 2004 regarding the issues including Years I had spent trying to get a second opinion which I believe was deliberately made awkward and made worse by others not wanting to get involved because of what they could really see. I spent two of the four spells in Hospital in 2004 while all this was going on. In 2004 I rang Martin Barkley the then Chief Executive of The Hampshire Partnership NHS Trust regarding my serious concerns. At that time I also via ICAS wrote to the same Trust with some issues involved. Martin Barkley and the Trust said they would Investigate the matter. The outcome of this I was not happy with I then through ICAS in 2005 got The Healthcare Commission involved because I did not believe the matters had been properly Investigated of which I relayed to The Healthcare Commission. In 2006 the Trust said they would Investigate the matter and in 2006 Martin Barkley again replied that they had investigated the matter and gave a more detailed reply. And Denied my concerns (of the ones that they even acknowledged). There was a more detailed response (in that it contained more details). But basically it was the same as before.

In 2008 I took up my concerns again with other Organizations. I ended up having correspondents with The Healthcare Commission again. They reviewed my case (because of my Health and more I have very good exceptional circumstances why I could not contact and deal with it earlier) in the end it was decided to contact The Trust again and I would give them one more chance to Investigate the matters Properly. What happened next was not acceptable. So I contacted The Healthcare Commission, The Trusts representative and The new Chief Executive Nick Yoe of the Hampshire Partnership NHS Trust with the reasons why I can no longer rely on The Trust or those involved Investigating the matters Properly.

In 2008 I gained access to my medical records from my GP Practice (at a cost of £50), my medical records from Andover CMHT (at a cost of £50) and also The Police (at a cost of £10) I requested it from the Police just to show I have no criminal record. This was done under Subject Access / Data Protection Act 1998 which I found out about in more detail and did myself. My records and those that I had before clearly show that what I have been saying to the Trust and others all along is true. It either proves this beyond doubt or others certainly calls into question those involved and their version of events or even how we got there. It vindicates me entirely. On top of this it also calls into question Healthcare Professionals information added to my medical records that is now held on or about me that is not true, inaccurate or miss-leading. I am very concerned about this as well as my original concerns.

I also in 2008 have written to two Barristers including Michael Mansfield QC pleading for help in my case. At the second attempt Michael Mansfield QC did respond but said he could not help until I got a solicitor and his cases where too many at the moment anyway. The other did not respond at all sadly. I have also written to MP?s and The Prime Minister on a couple of occasions. Of which I have had a couple of responses via The Government and The Scottish Government. And I have just sent another more detailed letter to some MP?s and The Prime Minister about my case and I am awaiting their replies. I have also recently written a few statements of the facts and sent them some of those who have been involved in my case. All have acknowledged receipt of these. I had written to The Healthcare Commission (end of 2008) to investigate its own two original Investigations which I have told their Chief Executive is not good enough and fundamentally floored. I have questioned the outcomes and more importantly why and how they could have come to them in view of the facts. Even which they themselves did acknowledge to me. I am disappointed at how after their replies they are willing to leave it at that and not act on my facts which they should be doing. The reason why they haven?t is either they are concerned I can prove it. Which I can. Or even worse I am vulnerable and like others cant fight back. I am used to being discriminated by organizations who should know better. I have told them and others bare minimum I will expose them for it. I do not except being treated like this by them or any of the others involved.

In view of all this and more I am not interested in second opinions anymore I want those responsible to be held accountable. Until this is done I can never clear my name and it gets in the way of any Healthcare either directly or indirectly of my mental health. I acknowledge until this is done it is nearly impossible for other Health Professionals to be involved with me without causing problems too them where by they are in an awkward position that they might have to call into question previous conclusions by other professionals or carry on as before with serious consequences to me. Or take as fact what I now know is written about me. Some of the information that is in my medical records is unacceptable what it insinuates and disturbing things about me that has no basis on facts. The only basis this particular information shows is I needed help I asked for it. And they did not act professionally and competently (especially what kind of things they insinuate). And if what some of the things they say calls into question why they collected the information to begin with and why after all these years they still keep it. There actions show that they believe they are not accountable not even to the data protection act unlike the rest of us.

Briefly what are some of the concerns? Originally not taking my health problems seriously (leading to in 1998 having to pay for private healthcare), not taking my original complaints seriously, not providing proper healthcare, putting me at risk, miss-diagnosing me, using information in a miss-leading way, inappropriately getting involved while seeking a second opinion, failing to properly investigate my complaints, not complying fully with the DPA (regarding holding inaccurate information, using that information and how and why they keep this information to begin with and more), being negligent regarding my healthcare and there is more.

I believe this to be true of which the facts back up. A Legal representative needs to look at it all obviously. It is very serious and has gone on for a long time and involves many people and services. I can prove I have gone way above and beyond on my own to resolve issues despite being in seriously vulnerable situations. Not surprisingly because of self interest they wont stand up against it even when told, the same people who are supposed to provide healthcare and support have instead turned their attentions to using information they hold against me. And discriminating against me because of it. Even when as I have said information they have put out which is not factual. They underestimate me I will not rest ever until they are brought to account for what has been said and done. I have nothing to fear from the truth. And the truth is all I am interesting in being exposed for everyone to see. So I can then rebuild what?s left of my life receive help and support and then try to live it. And hold my head up high when people are aware of what has actually been happening and how I am innocent of blame. I can not continue (as has always been the case) until I clear my name which has suffered and proven wrong a reputation that I do not deserve.

I absolutely refuse to let these people remain in the Health Care Profession and not be held accountable and the Trust itself (and others) for the unnecessary pain trauma and suffering I have been put through because of their Failings and incompetence. I finally have no alternative than to get Legal Representation so that I can provide the hundreds of documents I have to make a case against the Trust and others. I am desperately in need of proper legal representation I really am a vulnerable person who has been failed by all those who are supposed to protect me or help. And so after the life I?ve had so far I?m not to proud to beg. So I beg of you please hear me and if you yourself can not help please put me in touch with someone who definitely can and who has the remit to do so and the will. Someone who will take into account my circumstances and let me in an appropriate way show my documents that I have also baring in mind I am unable to pay.

I will await your response I just need a chance. The above is sadly the way its been. I have not sent anything through the post or by email but if needed I would. I?ve got not much more to loose. One last thing I do not except excuses legal or otherwise that lets this status quo continue. Whatever happens whether the legal route succeeds or not. I will with my case and story expose all of them at some point trough the media and all those involved in this shameful treatment I and others continuously receive. So maybe there needs to be a test case to bring a true and real accountability to them that is all we ask. When you see all the information I have so far I hope you will see my total determination for justice. And holding them to account is the only way it will ever happen. What wide ranging things are now in my medical records can not be defended with anything other than lies or misleading excuses. 

Yours sincerely 

Mr J R Harrison. 

End of email. 

  My (and others stories) shows that we (the vulnerable) still have no real rights. And we are at their mercy, and since most don't have any... we will be abused, neglected, traumatized........ and more will follow, until we speak up and someone actually makes them accountable. We wait... 

Dear Prime Minister... who ever you are... 


(See the video above where I read the letter PM) 

Important note:

NONE of the letters on this website from GP's are from my current GP Practice. I have attended several since. My last GP practice was not involved in any of the things I wrote about on this website, ALL of which happened years BEFORE I went to that GP practice. But sadly it is true that things did not improve. And as of June 2015 I had to change and start at a new practice, and I hope things will improve.

I BELIEVE in the NHS. In May 2014, while having to undergo a procedure at Winchester Hospital I was frightened, and an NHS Nurse gently squeezed my hand. This is what the NHS and staff are all about, care and compassion. Also in June 2015 at both Winchester Hospital Cardiology Department and days later a nurse from Basingstoke Hospital Cardiac Unit  I was shown care and compassion. Despite my bad experiences I do not forget that. THEY are the NHS we want to save. 

You will never meet someone who believes in the NHS more. BUT, that is why, when things are not right, we need to speak up and out. It is the bad people I have fought against, some good were caught in between them for sure. One day I hope that along with the good people in the NHS, we can stand TOGETHER and rid the NHS / GP's of anyone mistreating any vulnerable people. It is not me or people like me, who undermine it, it is the bad people.


"As someone being abused OR who was, YOU have the RIGHT to be away from people (ANYONE) making it worse for you, despite how some may act or what they may say"

John Harrison. B safe 1st always... that is the message.

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